Rich’s media career began by gaining a degree in Film, Radio and Television studies. He has worked as an award winning producer for several radio groups, so is highly experienced in giving and taking direction, and working closely with clients and agencies.

He’s been a full-time voiceover since 2007, so has plenty of experience in all areas – thousands of tv and radio commercials, in-store ads, corporate jobs, and narrating programmes. Remember ‘Fail Army’ on Channel 5? He voiced that. He has kind of done everything, and is always with you, which is nice, and caring – On your telly-box, on your wireless, in your car, even when you’re shopping at Asda (other stores are available). He is your comfort blanket. You’ll know him from Evans Halshaw, Vrbo, Hungryhouse and others, and also has a great promo voice for imaging radio stations. He can connect to you for live sessions on multiple platforms, or more than happy to join you in a studio for face to face fun.

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Let Rich sell you stuff, LOADS OF STUFF!!
TV Promo
Rich can also promote your TV stuff. How many of these have YOU seen?
Rich can sound very convincing when he pretends to be a real person. Listen and BELIEVE.
Movie trailers
Let Rich take you to the movies! In this intriguing set of film trailers, Rich invokes the very essence of Hollywood.



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For booking and other inquiries please contact me by filling the form or calling the number: 07949084833