Rich Sweetman is a man. A man with a voice.

He speaks. For money. And people listen… Sometimes.

So, who is The Sweetman?

Rich’s media career began by gaining a degree in Film, Radio and Television studies. He has worked as an award winning producer for several radio groups, so is highly experienced in giving and taking direction, and working closely with clients and agencies.

He’s been a full-time voiceover since 2007, so has plenty of experience in all areas – thousands of tv and radio commercials, in-store ads, corporate jobs, and narrating programmes. Remember ‘Fail Army’ on Channel 5? He voiced that. He has kind of done everything, and is always with you, which is nice, and caring – On your telly-box, on your wireless, in your car, even when you’re shopping at Asda (other stores are available). He is your comfort blanket. You’ll know him from Evans Halshaw, Vrbo, Hungryhouse and others, and also has a great promo voice for imaging radio stations. He can connect to you for live sessions on multiple platforms, or more than happy to join you in a studio for face to face fun.

Vocally, Rich’s tone encapsulates cool, credible and contemporary. He is unique in that he sounds gravelly and distinctive, and has the rare talent of sounding authentic and real. Edgy enough to cut through the airwaves, Rich possesses a “now” voice, that’s totally fresh and dynamic. Rich can be heard on the radio and on television throughout the UK, and around the world. A cracking guy, composed and confident, he’s great in a session and great with customers.

Outside of his career, Rich is a keen snooker player – see amazing film below – and Chairman’s and Captains a team in a Manchester League. Which makes him dependable and responsible, which is important. He is also mad about quizzes, facts, and trivia, so can usually be found at a pub quiz, or propping up a quiz machine. He’s used to being behind a mic, as he ran “Rich’s Great Fun Quiz” at a local pub for 5 years! That’s 40 questions per week, around 50 weeks a year, for 5 years – that’s a lot of knowledge (most of it useless!).

Over the years, he has often taken his Quiz on tour to commercial business corporate events, and media do’s, as well as the now infamous ‘Des Lennis’ Family Fortunes!’ (this is a long story, feel free to ask him about it).

He is also an avid Luton Town supporter, so we’ll probably leave it there…although to be fair, they are doing better these days!

He's a man of passion.

In this beautiful film, Rich shares his love of snooker. He’s the featured player, he voiced it…but he didn’t film it. Come on. The guy has SOME limits….The film has been signed up by an International TV production company, and will be shown in 107 countries, in front of an audience of over 50 million viewers!!

International media sensation

The Sweetman is truly international, and not only heard across the UK and America but on the following TV stations and networks…

Australia – Channel V

China mainland – Star TV, Channel V and ICS

China Hong Kong - Star TV, Channel V and TVB

Japan – Fuji TV

Pan-Asia – Star TV and Channel V

Indonesia: Global TV

Philippines: Studio 23 and MYX

Vietnam: Hanoi TV and YAN TV South

Singapore: Channel 5

Belgium: ACHT

Denmark: DR

Finland: YLE

Germany: Servus TV

Italy: Deejay TV

Norway NRK

Portugal: Animax

Russia: Plus TV Moscow

Spain: Sol Musica

Sweden: TV 9

Jamaica: TVJ 1

Caribbean: Local stations in Bahamas, Bermuda, Antigua, Guyana, St. Kitts and Grenada

Pan-Latin America: Animax

USA: Fox

Malaysia: 8 TV