Rich is on the radio. And many other places.

Have a listen to these samples and see if you can relive the memory of hearing Rich for the very first time.
Let Rich sell you stuff, LOADS OF STUFF!!
Corporate narrative
Rich can be serious too. Listen to him talking seriously, informatively and corporately in this smorgasbord of straight announcer samples.
TV Promo
Rich can also promote your TV stuff. How many of these have YOU seen?
Rich can sound very convincing when he pretends to be a real person. Listen and BELIEVE.
Movie trailers
Let Rich take you to the movies! In this intriguing set of film trailers, Rich invokes the very essence of Hollywood.
His chameleon-like vocal talents are truly astounding and will leave you wondering "just who is the real Rich Sweetman?"
In-store commercials
Let Rich tell you where to buy cheap meat! That sounds wrong. But you know what we mean. His voice will help your store SELL MORE STUFF.
Who better to listen to while you're on the phone than Rich Sweetman? This montage of telephone greetings will leave you wanting him to (on) hold you!